What a year… I hope everyone is safe and well.
It’s hard to talk about what I did or what I have done in 2020.
I took the time. I tried to be present. I tried to listen.

One thing that kept me going was taking small video footage to document my routine at East River Park. I created small dance videos, powerless creature keeps going. I have created four (April, MayFall, and Winter) so far.

You can find my other videos here.

In 2020, I attended a lot of meetings. I met new people and connected through zoom. I even performed through zoom. PSOH – virtual!
(Presented by Center for Performance Research, Performance Studio Open House
Stuart B Meyers, Lu Yim, and Nami Yamamoto shared an evening of experimentation on October 22, 2020.)

I taught a 15 minutes dance class for K, 1st, 4th and 5th grade through Dance Makers at Movement Research.
There were some new and inspiring opportunities in spite of what happened. 

My residency at Center for Performance Research is extended to 2021. I will be performing Performance Mix in Spring 2021. In May, I am going to the DiP residency at Gibney Dance Center. I am hoping to see my dancers, Takemi Kitamura, Leah Ogawa, and Anna Vomacka to compose/decompose our piece, Trooper’s Brother. 

Although I enjoyed meeting people virtually, I miss a live performance. I miss seeing shows, being backstage, and feeling light. I miss rehearsing with people. I just love to be in the studio, a creative space together. 

Happy Holidays and I hope everyone is well. I will never forget 2020 and I look forward to welcoming 2021.


Trooper’s Brother is inspired by my experience going through multiple surgeries with Dr. Deborah Axelrod at NYU Langone Medical Center. She is a breast surgeon who dresses up as a kitty cat on Halloween. My relationship with her changed from calling Dr. Axelrod to Deborah throughout my diagnosis process. My observations and interactions with Dr. Axelrod, her nurses, receptionists, surgical coordinators, and colleagues are my inspiration to create this work. 

Nami Yamamoto, from Matsuyama, Japan, holds an MA in Dance Education from New York University and a BA in Physical Education from Ehime University. She received The New York Dance and Performance Awards, (the Bessies) for outstanding production of Headless Wolf in 2018. She has been inspired by her residency experience at Movement Research, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, and Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography. Her work has been funded by Creative Capital, Jim Henson Foundation, Suitcase Fund from Dance Theater Workshop, and others. She is a Space Grantee in fall 2019 at Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Gibney DiP Resident Artist in 2019-2020, and an Artist in Residence in 2020 at Center for Performance Research, and receives Satellite Residency Program in 2020 at New Dance Alliance to develop her current work, Trooper’s Brother. Currently, she teaches at New York City public school through Movement Research’s Dance Maker’s program.

Dance Documentary Project in 2020-
powerless creature keeps going…
My days are up and down. Somehow following my routine keeps me going these days. Documentation started on April 5th. That was the first day that I was finally able to let my body move. I am just documenting and making myself alive. I feel powerless…, but I am trying to accept and embrace my powerlessness. Things changed so much, but maybe nothing changed in me. I am not sure.